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Punjabi Singer Hardy Sandhu has come up new Romantic Song “Soch”. This is really a heart touching song and video is really worth to watch. The song is based on Real love story. This is a song by “Virsa Arts”. The song is becoming very popular. The shooting is done in himachal pradesh and acting in the video is appreciable. The Lyrics of the Punjabi Romantic Song Soch by Hardy Sandhu  are heart Touching

Lyrics Soch by Hardy Sandu :


me pyaar to wadh tenu pyaar kara. .
tenu sajda sohne lakh waar karaan…
me pyaar to wadh tenu pyaar karaan…
tenu sajde sohne lakh waar karaan..

je din nu tu keh de raat maahi..
ve me raat samaj aitbaar karaann…
me tere layi dunia nu chaddeya..

tere layi door apne karee..
ve me tanue kina choni aa..
eh gal tere soch toh pare..

ve saah bin saar haa sakdi ..
tere bin pall v naa sare..
ve me enu kina choni aa..
ve gal teri soch ton parre..

akhiyaan ch har wele tera mukh ve..
takk tenu tutde ne saree dukh ve..
deedh teri da eh majara na pyaas lagge te na lagge bhukh ve…

akhiyaan ch har wele tera mukh ve..
takk tenu tutde ne saree dukh ve..
deedh teri da eh majara na pyaas lagge te na lagge bhukh ve…

tera binn aaon naa supne supne v jhirakk k mein dharre..
ve me tenu kina choni aa, eh gal teri soch ton parre…
ve tenu kina aa, eh gal teri soch toh parre..

zindgi de dite tenu saare hakk ve..
gairaan wali takea naa akh chak ve..
kach utte eh v nach jawaangi wafa mere te naa kari shak ve..
zindgi de dite tenu saree hakk ve..
gairaan wall takea naa akh chak ve..
kach utte eh v nach jawaangi wafa meri te na kari shak ve..

ik tenu paun de karke ginn ve me kine jakham jarre..
ve me tenu kina choni aa, eh gal teri soch ton parre..

tere layi jazam te janni oh soone chaandiyaan ton v khare..
ve me tenu kina choni aa, eh gal teri soch ton parre….

True Love is not bound to any religion,cast or disability. The feeling of True love can’t be explained to anyone. When you love someone from your heart,you don’t expect the same ,you just keep on Loving that Person. This song truly explains the meaning of Love. It shows how a girl married a boy who was suffering from some deformity. She takes a good care of him. Finally, when they grew old then due to constant care taken by that girl makes that boy to overcome his deformity. That boy realizes that how well he was taken care of.

In Today’s time,love has lost its definition. It has become status symbol to be in relationship. Nobody is concerned with purity that Love has. Love is now limited to physical relationships and fulfilling own desires. This song is really a great example of true Love. Moreover it is based on true Love story. So we should learn a lesson from it.

I really love this song.

Regards : Youtube and Virsa Arts
Give your feedback,what you guys think about it.

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  1. girisha goyal says

    i really luv this song its my fav song ever this is for u sumit i really really luv u from the bottom of my heart tum meri feelings ko samjho ya na samjho mujhse pyaar karo na karo but i will always luv u nd never hurt u

  2. Anuj Doval says

    Hi realy liked your choice of song ya your right when you quote love as something that cannot be possesed it can only be showered on others unconditonally

  3. Hitesh Kumar says

    This is an Awesome heart toughing song. . (Y) IF anyone here can tell me the name of the true story from where this song is taken. . Plzzz if possible mail me at pt1281115@apiit.edu.in . . The name of the story or Novel. . whatever it is . . Thank euuu. . . :)

    • rahul says

      yes, this is the good song, based on the youngsters, i love this song, i wants that more songs come by this artist his voice is really heart touching , i want to know that wheather this song based on the true story, who, and when it happen

  4. Manas Biswal says

    Hey bro .. dis is an amazing song .. Really heart touching story … This is called true pure luv … I was in a relationship wid a girl … i luv her from da core of my heart … But i don’t know why … she break up wid me aftr 9 month of our relationship without any reason … nd after some days i came to know that she is loving someone else … But still i luv her nd I’ll do forever untill the world comes to an end … I don’t care if she’s wid me or some one else … but I’ll keep loving her … I’ll always want her to be remain happy wherever she may be … ::)

  5. Astha Rai says

    Lovely song..though i hardly understood the lyrics nevertheless the meaning was explained too well…kudos to the actors too..heart melting voice!!!

  6. Pooja Tiwari says

    This song has become the most close one to my heart. I see the true essence of love in this song. For i’ve loved someone with all my heart and soul, I too wish that he realises what my presence in his life means. One gesture of gratitude counts equal to all the sacrifices you’ve made for the person. Lucky are the ones who find such soulmates who value each other for what and who they are.
    “Tumhara pyar jo bhi ho, jaisa bhi ho usey usi tarha apna lo. Kisi ko badal kar agar pyar kiya jaye to wo pyar nhi sauda kehlata hai” :)

  7. Kamal Kishor says

    Whenever I listen this song, I have been lost somewhere with her sweet memories………miss u very much P.

  8. uday singh says

    Hi plz cud anyone tell me the names & details of the couple who’s story is shown in the video…. udayhunksingh@gmail.com

    The song is heart-touching ..loved it.. it’s an inspiration for all those ppl who blieve in luv… luv does exist, every time i see an old couple hand in hand i get vry emotional n happy… luv is Unconditional & timeless… it’s not ..physical, it’s da connection of da souls.. when u luv sum1 then dat person means the whole world to u.. ur best friend, ur mum dad, ur sahelli, ur soulmate ..he/she is a reflection of u in another form n gender… :’)
    So never hide anything from ur luv, any mistake u did wud be forgiven if the luv is true…feelings are meant to be expressed not hidden… Lust= temporary pleasure;
    LOVE= permanent bliss… Pyaar mei kiya gaya ek touch bhi ya pyaar mei ki gayi ek muskurahat bhi jannat ke samaan h.. lust ka koi mukabla nhi pyaar se… if u’ve not loved u’ve not lived… :)
    Jst felt lyk writing all dis…sry jst cudnt cntrol ;-D

    • Shilpa Jain says

      Well Written Uday,
      Your views are great and no need to be sorry. It happens, we often flow with the wave of Love.

  9. Firdaus says

    Its a very beautiful and romantic song indeed. I am yet to watch the video and I already love the song. Thanks for the lyrics! :)

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